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Antique Furniture Restoration Chester

Antique Furniture Restoration Chester. Antique furniture is better built, with superior quality materials than modern equivalents in a similar price range. Antique items of furniture are mostly available in beautiful hardwoods and in a range of original designs depending on the era. There is a lot of choice between different styles.

Antique furniture restoration has grown in popularity as people have become more aware of the wonderful treasures, and bargains, that can be found. Knowing where to find pieces is half the battle and there has been much media coverage about the whole buying, restoration, and selling of period furniture.

Antique furniture can be bought from a specialist antique shop or picked up at auction for various prices, often quite low compared with shops. An antique is, of course, second hand and may not be in perfect condition, however, you can decide to restore it yourself or get it restored by a professional. More often than not the price of the period piece, and the restoration fee, will still come in cheaper than buying a new piece of solid wood furniture, and it will also be a good investment. That’s right, not only will you get the piece of furniture for use and decoration in your home, but it will likely grow in value the longer you hold onto it. The money you spend on restoring it will have counted toward this.

It’s best to spend time on research when you are looking for a restorer. You want someone with good crafts skills such as experience in woodwork and french polishing. Reputation is also an important factor too, the more testimonials and examples of their previous work you can see, the better. Antique furniture restorers will often be able to turn their hand to a whole host of treatments – being able to diminish minor scratches, undertake french polishing, replace leather desk tops, fix upholstery, replace veneers and anything else which may need to be done.

They will often come and collect the item from you, and then redeliver, and so this is something to bear in mind when getting a price.

As you can see, getting your antique furniture restored is a favorable option and you would be surprised at the wonderful artifacts you can furnish your home with at a very reasonable price.