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40+ Years Experience
When it comes to restoring antique furniture, TN Richards offers a comprehensive range of restoration services to our customers. From furniture repair to french polishing, we have over 40 years experience in restoration. Please take a moment to have a look at some of the restoration and repair services we offer. If you any questions feel free to contact us with your enquiries.

Furniture Restoration

We restore furniture of all types made from the 17th through to the 20th century. We primarily use hot glue in the restoration of antique furniture and when working on modern pieces, synthetic and 2 part glues. We work in all timbers and have a very large stock of different woods and veneers for carrying out repairs, a lot of these have been acquired over many years. We endeavour to carry out restoration work and repairs of the highest standard so that the customer finds it difficult to notice where wood has been replaced or repaired and that our work blends in with the original after careful colouring and polishing. We always try to do restoration that enhances the value of an item and be very sympathetic to its authenticity. Just a small selection of some of the types of work that we undertake are:

  • Intricate cabinet work
  • Marquetry and inlay work
  • Veneer work and repairs
  • Cross-banding
  • Rebuilding and splicing of worn feet
  • Straightening of warped tops and doors
  • Loose joints and broken tenons
  • Leather skivers for desktops
  • Broken glass replacement
  • Brass inlay work
  • Brass ware for furniture
  • Replacement of damaged and missing mouldings

French Polishing and Reviving

Quite often it is possible to revive and wax up furniture that is tired and looks distressed, or that is knocked and scuffed. If an item of furniture is beyond just reviving and waxing up then we carry out traditional French-polishing using polishes that give a good finish which is not too shiny and is close to a traditional patina acquired through years of waxing up by hand. We carry a large and varied stock of traditional wax polishes, spirit and water stains and different french polishes for specific types of work.

Water or Smoke Damage

If you are unfortunate in suffering an unexpected accident which damages the furniture in your home we have much experience in restoring water damaged furniture, either it be stained wood or ruined polish, to lifting veneers and warped surfaces or separating joints.

We have also restored fire and smoke damaged furniture in the past, just because the piece might look beyond repair it might not be the case. Quite often it might just be that the polish has pickled up and turned black because of the heat.

The approach to restoration and cleaning work is dependent on the extent of the damage and any contamination that has taken place.

Working In-Situ

Where it is practical and cost effective we will carry out antique furniture repairs, reviving and waxing up or even re-polishing pieces of furniture at a customers home. This is usually the best way to restore exceptionally large pieces of furniture or if the damage to a large item is minimal and not practical to transport it to our workshop. Estimates will be given for working in your home.

Estimating and advice

We will come out to your home to give advice and estimates for repairing or restoring items of furniture. Estimates are given for free locally. We make a small charge for insurance estimates or if you live a distance from Chester. This money is fully refundable if you have the work carried out. If you bring an item of furniture into our workshop we will be able to give an estimate and advice whilst you wait. We try and keep our prices very reasonable and competitive and never request for payment till the work is completed and either returned to or collected by the customer.

Collection, Delivery and Storage

We take pride in looking after your furniture and it is wrapped in blankets and secured firmly while transporting it in our vehicle from your house to our workshop in Chester or when returning it back to you. All furniture is fully insured whilst it is in our care.

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